Sunday, November 15, 2015


I know I have not been here all year, but I decided to share my last video from YouTube.

I subscribe to Ipsy - which is a monthly subscription for $10. They send you 5 beauty items. I am loving it !!

Yes, I know the camera should be turned the other way, but I couldn't do it that way today. 

Thank you for watching.    MY REFERAL LINK 


The items I received this month. 

Coolway - Stronghold Spray - no price found 

Smashbox Cosmetics - Full Exposure Mascara  - $20.00

Beaute Basics - Gel Eyeliner with Gel Eyeliner Brush - navy   item not found on site

Crown Brush - Deluxe Pointed Crease Brush  $4.95

DERMELECT - 'ME' Peptide Infused Lacquer - Commando  - $14.00

I hope to be back to post soon. 

Much love  :) 

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  1. I think that is the fastest I have ever heard anyone speak in a vlog before LOL


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