Tuesday, August 12, 2014

It's never as good as the first cup

Shuffling my songs and using the first line as my writing prompt.
Song = Bubbly
Artist = Colbie Caillat
First line = "I've been awake for a while now. "
The alarm goes off at 5 am and he rises from our bed, leaving me snuggled under the blankets for 15 more minutes. After he dresses and prepares our morning toast and coffee, he wakes me with his soft words. "I have coffee for you, my love." The same seven words that wake me every morning. The seven words that I will never tire of hearing. 

We spend about 30 minutes together before he leaves for golf. Some days I am not far behind, as I head downstairs to my job. Today is not one of those days. Today I will relax and give my back one more day to heal. I will refill my coffee cup and smile as I think of him and wonder why the second cup never tastes as good as the first. It must be his touch that makes it so special and unable to replicate.

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