Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Kleenex and Crowdtap

     I was selected to sample Kleenex tissues this past month from Crowdtap. WOOHOO !!! A few months ago I got flagged, so it was a nice surprise to get this chance to redeem myself.
 I remember when I picked up my box from the front desk and I told the ladies how excited I was to get the Kleenex. I mentioned that I had a cute cover that I had crocheted years ago and that the box would fit perfectly under that cover.

Isn't this cute??

When I got home and opened the package I realized that it was actually one large Kleenex box instead of two smaller boxes.

Well, that's not going to fit

 At first I was a little bummed out, but the box was so BIG I couldn't help but be happy. Wow, 210 Kleenex in one box !

One of the first things that I noticed was the Box Top points on the box. I was sure to clip that and put it in my collection. My friend sends them to her daughter, and I am always eager to share mine with her. Box Top for Education is a great organization for our schools.

The second thing that caught my eye is that the box is made from 100% recycled paper. Three cheers for helping our environment !! I am proud to use products from a company that takes these extra steps.

  With one quick tug, I pulled out my first tissue. Immediately, I could feel it's softness, which is a big plus with tissues. We don't want roughness on our faces. First, I did a little strength test to see how durable it felt and it definitely passed the test.  I didn't have a runny nose or anything, but I slid the tissue across my nose to test it's softness. It passed that test as well.

For days, the box sat in it's place, on the table, and waited to be used. I knew that my time was limited for sending in a report, but I just didn't seem to have a reason to use the tissues. Where are the allergy symptoms when you need them? My Crowdshare postcard had a few suggestions for me, like "clean a makeup brush", "make a paper wedding veil for your daughter", and "cover up a sudden sneeze". I waited for the time to use a tissue, and it just didn't come.

Crowdtap notified me as the deadline neared and I began to panic a little. I had mentioned the sampling to my co-workers and everyone seemed too busy to discuss tissues with me. July is not the time to idle chit chat in the hospitality business. Our ten hour days were really making this a hard challenge for me to complete.

Saturday came, and so did the allergies. I stuffed a few tissues into my pocket and I prepared myself for the itchy eyes and the sniffles. The sneezes came, and I captured them in my Kleenex tissues. It wasn't much, but I smiled because I finally had a reason to use a tissue. I told my co-worker how lucky I was to have my Kleenex ready and she said that she really liked Kleenex. It wasn't much talk, but I smiled, knowing that I did get to talk about the sampling again. I just remembered again how soft the tissues were when I used them.

Sunday came, and it was an emotional day for me. My youngest grandson turned one year old. He lives 1200 miles away, so I wasn't able to be with him for his birthday. I made a phone call after I had gotten home from work, and I sang to him on the phone. I am not even sure if he heard me, or if he was eating the phone, but it made me feel good to know that I tried.

My daughter and I talked, and before I knew it, I was in tears. I won't go into details, but things were brought up that made me sad. Oh, how I tried to not cry, but the tears had a mind of their own. I miss my daughter, and I miss that little guy.

After our phone call I sat down on the couch and I cried a little more. I reached for the Kleenex and I covered my face while I tried to calm myself. My nose started running, as well as the tears, so I dabbed at my eyes and I blew into that tissue.
 My instagram video - via twitter, because I couldn't get it to upload to blog.
Three tissues later I felt better. Not only did the Kleenex tissues come in handy to dry my eyes and to clear my nose, but they also got me to laugh a little.
 I had FINALLY gotten the chance to use my sampling and I liked it !
The tissues really are soft, strong, and absorbent, like they claim to be. When I shop for tissues in the future, I will definitely consider the Kleenex brand.

Thank you Kleenex, and to Crowdtap for choosing me to test these tissues. I will be spreading the word !

I was not compansated for this blog post. This is my honest opinion.


  1. Nice share and I love the little cover.

  2. I know what your mean about getting something to review and not having a reason to use it. I had that problem with cough drops once! It sounds kind of mean to say I'm glad you found a reason to use the tissues, but I am glad for you!


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