Friday, January 10, 2014

Starting Over – 100 Word Song

Every stinking time I leave a comment on a blog post the Google thing wants me to share my last post and it is downright depressing because the previous post is nothing more than a blah blah blah post about ranch dressing (no offense Kraft).

 It was past time to write something new, so here it is.

Tonight I found myself on this blog called My blog can beat up your blog. You know you would have clicked it too.

I do love a challenge and there was one staring at me.

My Blog Can Beat Up Your Blog

"You have 7 days from NOW, to write 100 words inspired by John Lennon’s Starting Over. Use the medias that are social to tell a friend or 100 about your post. With the new year upon us, let’s get more people to play 100 word song. Have fun."

Here is the song, and my 100 words will follow. Follow the link and join in if you dare. You only have 5 days now.

Starting over?

No thank you, John Lennon. I don't want to.

Things are perfect just the way they are.

If it's not broken, don't fix it, isn't that what they say?

He says that our love is special; hasn't it always been?

Ten years of growing with him at my side. 

Yes, time does fly by so quickly, but it also stands still.

That touch. That look. That smile.

Time stands still.

My wings are clipped. Nowhere to fly.

 Forgive me world.

I am preoccupied right now with his love.

Absorbed with being in love with him.

Not starting over.

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  1. Aw, love this! It's always nice to hear about relationships that haven't gone stale but instead have grown richer! (visiting from 100 Word Song)


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