Tuesday, January 28, 2014

2014 5K series

Thanks to a friend, I have found out about a 2014 5K series.

The dates for the races are on the following weekends:

  1. March 22-23 
  2. April 26-27 
  3. May 24-25
  4. June 21-22
  5. July 19-20
  6. August 23-24
  7. September 20-21
  8. October 18-19
  9. November 22-23
  10. December 20-21
You can find all the information RIGHT HERE

Are you going to join ?



  1. Yay! So glad you are joining us!!!

  2. YEAH!!!! I'm excited to see all my friends joining this. It's awesome and I love that we can start out however we can and just work up to a better. No pressure and no hurting. Most excellent.

  3. Never heard of this but a great way to encourage a healthier living in 2014! Great share!

  4. I will be participating! First run is coming up soon!


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