Saturday, October 26, 2013

Her words took me there in an instant

I was reading a blog today and the woman had mentioned memories of when she was abused as a child.
She talks about "folding into a shell" and instantly I am there again, down on the shower floor, curled into a ball, screaming for the pain in my heart to be healed.

Many times I would use the shower to drown out my screams.
I would cry long after the water ran cold and my fingers ached from staying clenched with a mixture of anger and sadness combined.

I was not abused in the way that this woman was; but abused I was.

Emotionally - mentally - physically abused by a WEAK man.

He wounded my soul, but he didn't destroy it.

I carry maroon scars, deep inside.

Her words took me there in an instant and now I blink back tears of the memories.

It was a lifetime ago and still so real in my
mind when I let it return.

We never forget the pain.