Saturday, December 7, 2013

I took it to the beach


I am in the middle of a new Mamavation two week challenge. You may remember me talking about mamavation in the past. I can't remember how many of these challenges I have done, but they have always given me a great boost. Click the link if you are interested. There is so much information about food, health, and fitness.

Tuesday is my day off from work and it was day two of the challenge. I watched the clock move through the day and yet I didn't move off of the couch. Morning came and went. The afternoon came and was going fast. It was very easy for me to think of reasons why I could not workout.

Finally, around 3pm, I dug in and decided that I was going to do it. Not only was I going to get this workout done, but I had a brainstorm to do it on the beach. It had been days since I had been out there.

 The luckiest man in the world was home sick with a cold, so I kissed his cheek and prepared to head out. My head was spinning as I tried to think of what I needed and the best way to take it with me. Perhaps I was procrastinating a little.

With my backpack filled, I was ready to go.

 As soon as I started the 1.5 mile walk to my favorite place, I was regretting my decision to do this. The backpack felt like it weighed 15 pounds, although I knew it could only be half of that. Each step brought me closer to my destination and just a little more excited to do this.

 Here is the view that I had when I arrived.

 I emptied my backpack on the wall and stalled  took inventory.
Immediately I realized that I had left the cheat sheet at home that I had so carefully prepared to take with me. How would I know what my workout was without it? A part of me was excited that I wouldn't be able to do my workout. Can't possibly do it if I don't know the moves right?
There it was, still at home, waiting to be picked up. 
 My phone does not work very well when I am out on the beach, especially when I am trespassing on Air Force land. (fist pump and much love to the Air Force and all military) I figured it couldn't hurt to try, so I crossed my fingers and tried to log into the mamavation site. 

 What a bummer nice suprise to see that it worked and I was able to download the workout. Now I was truly excited and rather proud of myself for getting it. I even took a screenshot of the page, in case I lost Internet.
The workout started with foot fires for 90 seconds.
My naked toes love the sand.
There is a wall that stands about 3.5 foot tall, and that is what I used for the pushups and triceps pushups.
I only brought my 3 pound weights with me (I'm not crazy). Because of this I actually did 2 variations of the shoulder presses and dumbell curls.


 By the end of the three sets I was feeling GREAT !! I took a few more pictures and then I took a little run. (and by little, I mean I set up the camera and ran a big circle)

The sun was setting fast, and I knew it would get colder and dark soon, so I gathered up my things and headed back. Instead of putting the weights in the backpack I carried them in my hands and it made for a very nice extra boost for the 1.5 mile walk back home.
 I am so glad that I did this workout on the beach, and proud of myself for not getting distracted by the scenery.
Farewell sun; see you next time.
* today I did the same workout at home, using my 6 pound weights, and it felt pretty darn good.


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  1. AWESOME!!!! Now send a little of that determination my way. I am very proud of you!! That really was a beautiful place to exercise. YEAH!!!


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