Saturday, November 2, 2013

Truvia sweetener

I recently received some Truvia sweetener to review from Crowdtap. The mailing arrived the day before I left for vacation and I tucked them into my suitcase, knowing that I would have to rush to get this review in. For some reason, my little package of Truvia sweetener took a little detour to Puerto Rico before it made it safely to my house.
The Internet at my sister's house is shady and the house has been busy with company in and out. Good news, I did get to see the newest family member, but bad news I didn't get around to writing my review.
No calories and all natural; that sounded great to me. I made my way into the kitchen this morning, pulled out what I would need to fix a cup of coffee, and snapped a few pictures.

I took my sister her cup of coffee and she asked me what I put in it. I couldn't trick her with the switch. After the third time of asking me, I finally showed her the wrapper. She wouldn't finish the coffee, so I finished it instead.

I did notice a difference in the taste. I think it would take a few tries to get used to it. Knowing that it is gluten free certainly makes me want to give it a try in my home.

 I did talk with a few people and they had never tried Truvia. I know a few people liked my photo when I posted on Instagram and Twitter.

I was planning on doing an interview with my daughter for the next part, but we are having more Internet troubles at her house, so this will conclude my review.

Thank you Crowdtap for letting me try this product
{I was sent the Truvia to review from Crowdtap. No monies were offered or accepted. All above opinions are my own.}

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  1. I use Truvia. Good stuff. Sweet post. See what I did there? ;)


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