Monday, November 25, 2013

The Pep Boys mission from Smiley360

My  Smiley360 mission from PepBoys:

I can still remember when I was younger and we would drive past the Pep Boys building. The backseat joined in as we chanted "Manny, Moe & Jack". At that time I don't even think we knew what kind of business it was, we just knew those three names and we loved their faces on the logo.

A few months ago I was accepted to the Pep Boys mission at Smiley360. At first I was worried that there wasn't a service area close to home. We had stopped at a Pep Boys once to buy something and were not pleased to see that they were basically the bones of a store that we had both grown up knowing. After checking online, I was happy to find out that indeed, there was not only one, but two Pep Boys in the area where we could get an oil change.

We didn't even have to schedule an appointment !

The luckiest man in the world grabbed up my goodies as soon as they came in the mail. I barely had a chance to snap this photo. Men and their cars !

 Here is a list of what I received in my kit:

$30 Pep Boys gift card (to use towards a $19.99 conventional oil change)
Pep Boys Point B pen
Pep Boys Point B car air freshener
Pep Boys Point B jump drive
Postcard outlining some Pep Boys products & a Pep Boys Point B message
10% off Pep Boys service coupon link (excludes oil changes) to share with friends and family
$19.99 Pep Boys Conventional Oil Change coupon link to share with friends and family
Smiley360 Sharing Guide

On the day chosen for our oil change I had to work, so the luckiest man in the world scooped up what he needed and headed out for the oil change on our Honda CRV.

What a great deal ! An oil change for $19.99 and a gift card to cover the cost. He said that the whole process took about 15 minues to complete. The man that did the work was very professional and it we will definitely be going back for our next oil change.
From PepBoys twitter page : "When you come in for service we'll set an automatic reminder for your next service."
 When I have seen people in the past change their own oil it took longer than that for them to get the items required to do the job. Not only did we save money with this great offer, but nobody got their hands dirty in our home.

I received a free gift card from Smiley360 for a Pep Boys oil change in exchange for my honest review. I was in no way obligated to write a positive account of my Pep Boys experience, and my review is written entirely in my own words and from my own personal experience.

Here is my link if you'd like to join

Thank you Smiley360 and Pep Boys

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  1. Great review and clean hands are always a plus, saves on manicures :)


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