Sunday, September 29, 2013


There is a bench near my home that I visit and think about a man that I have never met.

 I do not know for sure why I am drawn to that place, or why I want to stay there when I arrive.

 It is a place that should be filled with sadness, but it brings me peace that I can't explain.

 I think he sits with me when I am there, but I cannot see him.

 Perhaps he is happy that I have come to the place that he last visited.

 Maybe he likes the joy that I carry to this space.


 This bench.

This bench where he sat.

This bench where he sat, and pulled out a gun.

This bench where he sat, pulled out a gun, and ended his own life.


  1. That is so sad. We actually used to live in a house where a man hung himself from a tree in the backyard. It always made me sad to look at that tree.

  2. This is so sad.
    Were you related? I get that feeling.

    I'm so sorry.


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