Sunday, April 21, 2013

Day 14 - my update


 Things have been so different here at my home over the past couple of week. Part of me feels like things are spiraling out of control and yet I have more control than I have had in years. Figure that one out.

We have already come to the end of week two for the 100 day challenge. Today is already day number 14. I have not done one workout during the past two weeks and I would say that is the only goal that I haven't met.

I have raised my water goal to 72 (or was it 84?) since I was doing so good and then all of the sudden I stopped keeping track and I don't even know how much I drank yesterday. I am pretty sure I filled my water bottle three times, and it is 24 ounces, so I should be good. It's just odd that all of the sudden I lost track.

Speaking off losing track, I also noticed a huge drop in the participation on the facebook wall. I am the type of person who will avoid posting if it looks like I am the only one doing it. Every day I would love to comment on my step count, but since very few others ever leave a comment on that thread I feel that I will come across as bragging. Trust me, it is far from bragging. For me, walking is a normal thing. Some people are great at preparing low calorie foods. Some people are great at organizing their time and getting their blog posts done on time. My thing seems to be walking, and that's what I do.

Can anyone explain to me why people aren't posting on facebook anymore? Did we all just get so busy with other things so early in the challenge? Are people thinking that what they did wasn't enough so they just don't post it? I know that the facebook page is just an extra place for us to go, but it baffles me. I suppose I can understand if people don't want to post their fitness/activity if they feel that they haven't done anything, or they don't want to be seem like the only person posting every day, but certainly we are all eating dinner. Anyhow, this is just me rambling my thoughts.

Last week I mentioned how I was using the app called Lose It. It was pointed out to me that there is another app called My Fitness Pal and it is what most people are using. I could have sworn that I had used it before, but I must not have. I absolutely love it! Not only can I scan the food items that I eat, but it is also synced to my FitBit, so the walking that I do is automatically being recorded on the app and the calories are being accounted for. This has made things so easy for me. The hardest part of keeping track for me was always logging the foods that I ate. It was always such a hassle and hard work to look things up and to do all of the figuring. I have not scanned one item yet that was unrecognized and that is so awesome. I probably jinxed myself now. (laughing)

Thanks to My Fitness Pal I know that I have stayed under my calorie count for the past week. The only negative thing I noticed is that it was doubling my water after I logged it through my FitBit, but that was an easy fix. I am happy to be connected with a few people from the group. It doesn't feel like I am taking this journey alone.

My guy (the luckiest man in the world) has been awesome as I have talked his ear off about the challenge. He has followed along and made healthier choices. We have done very well on our portion sizes and I have traded out the white bread for wheat bread on most occasions. Last night I made blueberry muffins and I was so proud of myself for eating only one. Those darn things have a lot of calories ! This morning he heated one up for me to eat instead of my normal piece of toast. I ate the whole thing before my brain had time to do the calorie math. It sure was good.

We pretty much followed the menu plan this past week, with just a little juggling of items. The fish and rice just keeps getting pushed back a day, but I am shopping tomorrow, so I will be able to create a tasty meal with it very soon. Plain white rice just seems like torture.

I won't be posting any numbers here because I plan to come back tomorrow or Tuesday with a weekly update. The new scale arrived and it's accurate. And it sucks that it's accurate. And ... yeah that's all. It sucks. 

On a different topic I want to fill you in on my home life a little bit.

About two weeks ago I was approached at work and offered a different position for more hours. I will be moving from the maintenance team into the laundry room. Working on the maintenance team has given me the opportunity to get so many steps during the day. I average 6 miles by walking back and forth between the condos and going up and down the 7 flights of stairs. Once I am in the laundry room I will be moving in a 10 foot area. The only time I leave the room will be to deliver laundry and most of that traveling will be either on the elevator or in a golf cart as I move them from one building to another.

It will be an adjustment for me, but I am starting to feel good about it because now I am challenged more to get the steps in. I am confident that I will be able to work this out and still stay on track. Right now I am in training mode and still doing my job in the maintenance department. It has been a little bit exhausting as I adjust and I am not complaining when it is time to for bed.

~ added note: I worked 6 hours today in laundry and logged 4430 steps. I will be searching for ways to get more steps in, and I am confident that I will be able to figure something out.

There is one more thing that I have not mentioned in my blog.

I am going to be a grandma again !! Little Mister is due July 4th. It has been a tad bit stressful for me during her pregnancy, and I will not be going into details, but I will be heading back to Nebraska for 3 weeks in July to help greet this new guy to the family. I am happy to have my trip planned, because it was causing me a little more stress than I am used to. Babies are supposed to bring happy moments, so I am ready for those.

I'll be back after my weigh in to post how things went. Tonight we are going out to dinner, so the scale may scream at me in the morning.


  1. Rosie Congrats on being a grandma!! What a wonderful gift!!
    I think you should post on facebook!!! I dont see it as bragging!!! I cant get on fbook at work during break and I dont have a smart phone, so my fbook time is very limited!!
    I love my fitness pal!!!

  2. This is one of the best post I have ever read. I mean I felt like you were sitting here talking to me. I loved it.
    I don't do the fb thing except to check in on a couple family members. But if you like to, I see no reason not to write what makes you happy and I'm sure others have been preoccupied this week and might be back at it again this week.
    Congrats on being a grandma. That sounds so awesome you getting to be there for his entry and help.
    Good luck with your weigh in tomorrow and with week 3 of this challenge. Take care and have a blessed week!

  3. Congrats, Grandma!

    I don't do well at posting steps as I feel it could sound a bit competitive. If you'd like to post your steps, go for it! I'll try to post mine as well. I guess i haven't been because I don't get on the computer much in the evening, but I'd be happy to post the number for the previous day if that helps. I put it every day in my blog anyway :).

    As for posting what we eat. I guess I'm afraid of being judged. I know it's a judgement free zone, but old habits die hard.

    I work a job that has some days that are pretty much computer, sedentary days. On those days I try my best to go out of my way for things. I'll go the long way around to go to the restroom or to fill my water bottle. It may not be feasible for every job, but I'm sure you'll figure out some way to get the steps in!


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