Saturday, April 13, 2013

Closing in on week 1


Today is day six into the 100 day challenge and it has been going very well. We started with 13 people and I don't know exactly how many have joined, but I see that there are 21 members on the Facebook page. Giving a shout out to everyone that I have been chatting with this week. What a great group !

As I said earlier this week, I wanted to join for the accountability and the Facebook page has been a great help in doing that. I have also been keeping track on paper so that I can take a peek at my progress as the week ends.

  Here is an update on how things went for me.

I already know that the scale has not budged, and I believe it won't budge for quite some time. For a long time I used the excuse that I had thyroid problems, but I know that if I lowered my calorie intake and raised my fitness that I will indeed see a change on the scale. Time will tell. There was an email recently saying that the new scale should be here very soon, and I am excited about that.

Goal #1 was 10,000 steps on non-work days and 20,000 on work days. I am into the weekend here, so I will include what I have done today, up until this posting. Anything else will be included in my weekend update on Monday.

   Goal for the first 6 day = 90,000 
   Steps logged as of now = 95,302

Goal #2 was 64 oz of water daily and 2 cups of coffee with one extra cup allowed per week.

    Goal for first 6 days = 384 oz
    Water drank as of now = 512 oz

     I stuck with my 2 cups of coffee per day and actually only had 1 cup on Friday.

Goal #3 was to make a menu for the week and that went real well. It wasn't all the healthiest foods, but we did great on our portion sizes. Dinner was started at 6pm and we were finished by 7pm every night, with no eating after that. When I make the new menu I will try to post it here.

Goal #4 was to create fitness plan for arms/legs/ and abs.

Other than doing some squats occasionally I did not follow through with any daily workouts. This will be the main focus on my goals next week.

I did not eat any Oreos and I did not take any candy from the office. I even found a piece of candy in my coat pocket and I threw it away.

I'll come back Monday and do an update on how the weekend went and share results of the scale. I think I am going to name the new scale when it comes so I can just say something like "Simon says". Heck, we name every other gadget in our lives, I may as well name the scale too.

And now I am taking my happy self down to the beach for a walk since it is 75 degrees outside and I could use some sun.


Have a great day my new friends. If you see me on the Facebook page and would like to friend me, that would be awesome!

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  1. You are a snot!!! 75 and a beach. We have 25* and more snow. I am so sick of the snow. Last year we were mowing grass this coming weekend. We can't see grass with the 2' of snow still on it and more coming this week. UGH!!!
    You are really doing great. Keep it up.
    I have got to do a menu. I have got to plan groceries accordingly.
    Take care and have a blessed week!


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