Sunday, March 10, 2013

March photos

It is time to share some pictures with you all. Not only am I doing the photo a day once, but I am doing it twice. There is another list that I found, so I have joined in. That means double your viewing pleasure.

  Day 1-  "arches" - I went to the top floor of the neighboring condo and peeked through the arches as the sun went down.

Day 2 - "bedside" - My little space by the bed.

Day 3 - "A reminder" - I left him a post it note, so that he never forgets.

Day 4 - "layers" - The photo of the beach chairs show layers of sea foam on the beach as well.

Day 5 - "cozy space" - I decided that anywhere was a cozy space with my chili and cornbread.

Day 6 - "tradition" - My new tradition is making my own tortilla chips. Oh, so good !

Day 7 - "a mess" - Caught a beautiful sunset along with a mess from the sea foam.


Day 1-  "Your view" - My view during my walk.

Day 2 - "A corner" -  This is a corner from the indoor pool.

Day 3 - "In your hands" - My little snack of trail mix.

Day 4 - "A clock" - Our grandfather clock.

Day 5 - "Feet" -My fancy feet, in my Olive Oil shoes

Day 6 - "Happiness" -  Happiness is knowing that I am FOREVER HIS

Day 7 - "Luck" -I was lucky enough to catch this beautiful sunset.

I guess that's it for now.

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