Sunday, March 31, 2013

I ran with spatulas

 The Internet is so bad right now at our place, so I am going to make this a quick update before the computer locks up on me.

 Ali, over at hosted her 5k - 10k - 30k run/walk/cycling over the past few weeks. Today is the final day to submit photos and times. I was really hoping to get everything done, but I was not able to do the cycling.

 Without further ado, here is an update on how I did.

 My 10k was done on the street. It is a 2 mile street and I am really happy that someone has marked off the distances along the road. There are a lot of people that walk and run down the street. They don't actually run in the street, unless they are in the bike lane; which is ironic because most jerks people on bicycles use the sidewalk.

 I walked for the first 2.2 miles and stopped at home for a real quick restroom break and wardrobe change, and headed back out. This time I did two miles, walking some of the time and jogging some of the time. I was happy that it wasn't very crowded out there.

 For the final two miles I ran for almost the whole time and completed those two miles in 24 minutes. I had a twitter party that I wanted to get back home to, so that was great inspiration. Bummer that I didn't win anything at the twitter party, but I am glad that it got me moving.

 The next day I went to the beach to run with spatulas since I didn't take them with me on the first day. I needed to capture some pictures to send in to Ali. You can see here that it was a little windy, but a beautiful day in my little corner of the world.

I had actually taken the tripod with me to get these shots and when I turn around I see this....

 I wonder if he had radar and can tell me how fast I was running?

I  must explain that I live on the beach and although it is a public beach, it is connected to Air Force land. There are signs posted that you are not allowed to take phones or cameras past a certain point and I was about one mile past that point. Well, hello there Mr.Military Policeman !!

 I do NOT want them to confiscate my camera, so all of the sudden I was... 


yeah yeah.. I can read, but I'm a rebel. 

They don't chase people off of the area when you are walking along the coastline, but I don't think that they are too keen about people setting up cameras and snapping pictures. Seriously, I could have been a Russian spy taking photos of the area. 

 After I got a safe distance away I decided to doodle in the sand. 

Apparently I was frazzled, because I spelled "spatulas" wrong.  What the heck ??? I even posted it on my Instagram this way. I kept thinking something was off and it did not click until I started writing this post. I cannot believe I spelled it that way. That cop man must have really scared me. 

He shook me up me so much that I ran back even faster, because I had to go to the bathroom and I was NOT going to take a squat and get ticketed for that ! I tell you, they were out to get me and I could just feel it coming. (no pun intended)

So there I was, carrying my tripod, still with the legs all long and hanging down that's what she said,  running back. 

Now I was...


Whew, I made it !!! 

I think I completed the 10k in 1:37:20, and I am not sure about the 5k, but I know I completed one yesterday in 36:40, and I wasn't even running from anything. 

Added bonus here of the sunset later in the evening, which finished out a 14.32 miles traveled day. 

It was fun and I am glad I did it. 

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