Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap year virtual run - TAKE A LEAP

I thought for sure this one was going to kill me.

Yesterday I signed up for a virtual 2.9 leap year virtual run at
  and it took all of my energy to get it done. As I wrote earlier this week, I am on the verge of spiraling into a slump. The good news is that I will not let that happen. Bad news is.. there is no bad news. (smiling)  I battled that treadmill today and I won.

It was almost 70 degrees here and I really wanted to do this run on the street, but I have no way to measure 2.9 miles on the street and Running Mom was asking for our times, so I grabbed my music and headed downstairs to the treadmill. Good luck was on my side and there were no snowbirds to push out of the way get in line behind.

Here we go. Music blasting into my ears from my running playlist as I started on my warm up. Blah blah blah, 3.5 mph never seemed so slow in my life. Cranking it to a speed of 4.5 for a nice jog instead, seemed like a fine idea. NOTE TO SELF: don't cheat on the warm up. Six minutes in I was ready to pack it up and go back home.

I ration with myself and decide that I can just bump it up a notch every 30 seconds, so this is what I do. Before I know it I am at a steady 6.0 and feeling pretty good. Run girl run!!

Snowbirds walk by as they prepare to leave until next year (sucks to be them), housekeeping women make running motions at me as they pass (I dislike it when they do that), and I see the shadow of my ponytail swing back and forth as I run like the wind. 

One glance down at the treadmill tells me that I have finished 1 mile, and I think that I am going die right there. Perhaps I am exaggerating just a little, but I really didn't think that I could go any further.

My mind starts spinning with so many thoughts. Certainly I can stop right now and just make up a time. GASP Did I really have that thought?? In my head I start crunching numbers and try to estimate how much longer I have to go. Thirty minutes at the most, maybe ten songs, I can do this.

Again, I start playing with the buttons. Walk at 3.5, jog at 4.5, sprint at 5.5 and pretend it is 4.5 (this actually works), and then run at 6.0 or 6.5 until I think I will die again. Up down, up, down, check my time, check my pulse, breathe, pant, whimper, PRAY.

Finally I can see the end in sight. Now the game I play inside my head is what will my ending time be? By now I can tell that it will not break any personal records, and this makes me sad. One last conversation in my head and it goes something like this. "Suck it up buttercup and lets get this done", so  I did.

When my 2.9 miles were finished, did I collapse on the floor? No I did not. What I did do was continue, because I have this new addiction to the number 3.1 and I wanted to see it on the treadmill.

So there you have it. I ran my 2.9 miles in 35:25 and I finished 3.1 in 39:00.

Was it my best time? Nope.
Was it my worst time? Nope.

Now I have to learn to accept the reality about running times and how they can change daily.


Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Jack is taking me to Los Panchos for dinner tonight.  I would share a link, but they don't even have a website that I could find. (that right there is just crazy I tell ya)
Because (sometimes) I have a one track mind, the conversation sounded something like this to me. 

"You will need MARGARITA to change the MARGARITA menu plan for MARGARITA Tuesday, because we MARGARITA are going to MARGARITA use our coupon MARGARITA at Los Panchos MARGARITA instead."

Thoughts from my head

  It seems that I have finally hit the wall, after going strong week after week (after week after week) Today I just want to sit here. Yesterday I just wanted to sit here. Tomorrow I will just want to sit here. Do you see a pattern? 

 I have logged 210 miles so far this month. For January I logged 255 miles, making my yearly total at 465 miles. It seems safe to say that I will reach my 1800 mile goal, which has already been changed to a 2012 mile goal.   

Monday I leave on  'vacation' and it has me feeling sick to my stomach. Even though I love seeing my family (most of them), I just don't like leaving my comfort zone. Florida is my home and I have a routine here. Even though many people have called me spontaneous in the past, I LOVE routine and I thrive on it. Take me out of my zone and I get all freaky.  

 Everything changes in Omaha. Not only do I lose the sun and the beach (not fair at all), but I am away from my man. Yes, we are still very much together in thought and we have done this long distance thing for the 10 years that we have been together, but I love our time together and I love US. We are so damn good together.   

Before you ask why he isn't going with me; don't ask. (sweet smile) My time in Omaha allows me to bond with my kids and grand kids and sisters without juggling things around our schedule at home. It is much better for him to stay in Florida and continue his normal routine. So yeah, I do enjoy it there, but it still gets hard for me before I leave. 

  Now that I am running I can't help but wonder how I will do in a different environment. My head is already spinning with excuses as to why I won't be able to run. I won't even get into the topic of how much of a freeze baby I am. Bring on the sun!!! 

 My trip is only supposed to last about 4 weeks. I will be packing up the second home and put it up for sale find someone to rent it. We have changed our minds on this 4 times in the past 2 months. It will be great to make a decision and have it happen.   

With gas prices like they are I am now trying to talk MJ out of driving up there at the end of March to pick me up. My wonderful brain tells me that we can store some things there and return for them at a later date. We have lived without some of these items already for over 2 years already. He wants his winter clothes, but they aren't going to do him any good now.   

So anyhow, hope you enjoyed the ramble. I have talked myself into a workout. Just Dance 3 is waiting.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

5k on a treadmill

Blogger refused to post my post this morning and when it finally did, it came in a zipped form. 
Let me just say ...   BOO

Now I am worried about spending too much time making a new post and very leery of adding photos, but here goes. 

Super excited about my workout this morning. 
My first virtual 5k was done today with a time of 35:26
 personal records all over the place 

This is the breakdown of the hour I spent on the treadmill today
 mile 1 = 12:01 (including 5 minute warmup) 
 mile 2 = 11:00 (total 23:01) 
 mile 3 = 11:25 (total 34:26) 
 mile 4 = 13:30 (total 47:56)
cool down =12:04 (total 60:00)



If you had told me 6 months ago that I would get excited about running, I would have laughed.

(yesterday's challenge, but I couldn't do it)
the reason I couldn't do it is because I smacked myself in the face with this set of keys


I used ice to keep from swelling up and after work I found a better remedy

So anyhow... back to the challenge...