Sunday, November 25, 2012

Green Mountain Coffee Fair Trade Certified coffee

This is a review for Green Mountain Coffee® Fair Trade Certified coffee

In celebration of Fair Trade Month this October, BzzAgent sent me samples for the Green Mountain Coffee Fair Trade campaign. I was familiar with the Green Mountain name, because it is my preferred choice to use with my Keurig.

 I had not paid much attention to the "Fair Trade" information and didn't know when I joined this campaign if in fact it would be the same coffee that I was used to. After reading up on it I learned that fair trade refers to paying farmers a fair wage for their coffee for one thing, and creating more environmentally-friendly farming practices. This is important for the whole farming community. At a time when we are focusing on local businesses I found this very interesting and appealing.

 I received three boxes, each containing four k-cups inside. Inside each box there were also some great coupons that I can either keep for myself or pass on to friends. I have given a couple of the coupons away and the others have found a home in my coupon binder, just waiting to be used. 

I love seeing the name of my blog on packages, so I had to capture a picture. 

Wild Mountain Blueberry was certainly full of flavor, but not my favorite at all. My guy did enjoy it, so he was very happy to taste test it for me. He did enjoy the "burst of berry flavor" (ok, he didn't really say that, but he did enjoy it) The aroma that filled the kitchen was divine and I wanted to brew more, just so that I could smell it. 

The other three flavors were Vermont Country Blend ,Colombian Fair Trade Select, and Extra Bold Sumatran Reserve. Each one was enjoyable to me. I had not realized it before, but now I know that I like my coffee strong.

The Extra Bold Sumatran Reserve was so good. I could certainly use it as my wake up coffee. I did not add any extra creamer or sugar than I do in the milder flavored coffees. I enjoyed this coffee so much that I found myself drinking it very fast, when normally I sip my coffee.

If you are a coffee drinker with a Keurig machine I recommend the Green Mountain Coffee Fair Trade coffee k-cups.

I am not obligated by either company in supplying a favorable and/or unfavorable opinion. The product was received at no cost to me, and I am not being compensated for this review.

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