Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Swaggable review- Mario olives

This is a different type of post for me. I belong to a few groups and survey sites that send me free items to try. One of these sites is called Swaggable.com

 At this site you sign up to test new items and if you are chosen they will sent you a sample to try. When I say sample, I mean sample; not a full size product like some companies. I laugh about it when something new comes to my door, but I think it is fair since a person should be able to get a feel for the product with the sample size.

 A few weeks ago I received a small envelope of MARIO OLIVES. It says right on the package that they are pitted and packed loose without the juice. I love that saying "loose without the juice"! They are seasoned with herb and spices.

I finally opened the package today to dive into them. One serving size is 5 olives and they provided me with 2 servings. The part that I liked least is that one serving size is 30 calories and the calories from fat is 30. This is the main reason that I do not eat olives in general. BAD CALORIES....BOO!

I overlooked this and did my part as a good reviewer. 

When I set out the olives on my plate I could see the olive oil glistening on them, making them very appealing to the eye. The first thing that I noticed is that they were very plump with lots of flavor. The seasonings were not overpowering at all. 

They were packed well in the envelope that they came in. Although you can see the olive oil on them, they were not slimy to the touch. I did have olive oil remaining on my lips when I finished, but I kind of liked it. 

I ate the first 5 and did notice a little zing in the flavor. There was no bad aftertaste and I was left desiring more. I had no choice but to eat the other 5 olives. Now I was really happy that they did not send me a whole jar. 

These were very tasty and I would purchase them for the occasional olive craving that I do get once or twice a year. They would be a nice addition to a party tray. (If only I threw parties)

On a scale of 1-10 I would give these olives a 10. I really did enjoy the flavor and they did not leave a bad taste in my mouth like some green olives have in the past. I am not sure if they are on the shelves at the grocery store at this time, but I do recommend that you try them if you come across them in the future. 

Stay tuned for more reviews. 
I was not compensated for this review, but I did receive a free sample.
 These are my own crazy thoughts and nobody else's. 


  1. Hey Ronalee, you could of called me and I would of helped you eat them. I love olives, reason why I don't buy them or pickles.
    I love the pictures you posted. The sunset and waves, the best!!
    Take care and have an awesome and blessed evening!

  2. I love olives......I LOVE them! I really want to dive through this screen and eat them all!


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