Sunday, July 29, 2012

Virtual 5k and I didn't puke

Web walking-blue-pants_300

I joined in for the Take your pants for a walk challenge at

 The 5k was scheduled for the 27th and I had not technically done a 5k for it, even though I had about a week to do so. Sure, I had walked a 5k every day, but that wasn't what I wanted to do. When I saw a post from Julie telling us that we had until Sunday night (tonight) to do this challenge and get back to her I was pretty excited. This meant that I could hold it off until I had a day off work and then do it at my leisure.

 For hours I thought about it and decided that I just couldn't procrastinate any longer. I had signed up for this and I knew that I wouldn't be happy if I had put it off. The good part for me was that there was no timing pressure. We were to just complete a 5k, even if we crawled. I would have to run it, because I was not in the mood to crawl for hours, at least not in public. 

The luckiest man in the world decided to take a nap and there came my opening. I threw on my fancy running clothes, because everyone runs faster in the proper attire, and I fancied my way down to the treadmill. That machine had forgotten who I was, because it had been so long.

 For the first time ever I remembered to do my 5 minute warm-up and then reset the treadmill. No sense counting those slower minutes, right? People kept walking by the window, because I live in a condo and these people were all checking in. (oh how that irritates me when they look at me) At one point some guy was sticking his face to the window talking to me as I was running. I am pretty sure he was asking me if I wanted the lights on. #1 I am running here and not really in the mood to have a conversation through the glass. #2 The door is locked so you can't come in and turn the light on anyhow. #3 Seriously, you are sticking your face up to the window?

 I threw that treadmill into high gear and I ran. It felt really good as I kept running. I remember how happy I was to get past 5 minutes without slowing down. I started believing that I could actually run a full mile without stopping; it had been weeks since I had done that. My pace was under 10 minutes and if I didn't know better I would have thought the darn thing was broken.

 There I was  panting   in my zone when I noticed that my shoe felt loose. With less than 2 minutes to go ....yikes....

Totally blurry picture, but it shows how much of a hurry I was in to get back to running. I did pause the treadmill long enough to tighten that bad boy up and wipe my brow. In all honesty, I did pause it for the other pictures as well, but I promise I was really fast about it. 

 Here is what mile #1 looked like 

Can you say Personal record??  WOOHOO I cannot tell you all how excited I was. Another wipe of the brow, a sloppy drink from my water, and I continued on. Another minute passed and I thought to myself. "I can finish now. Tomorrow I can do a 5k. There is no need to rush."

 And I kept running.

 People continued to walk by and I made a game with myself. When I saw people coming I would run at 6.5-7.0 so that they would think that I was awesome. When they were gone I would lower it down to 5.0 and just cruise. The people never seemed to leave. grumble grumble insert cuss word

  I made it to 2 miles...  SAY WHAT ?!?!?!

  After that two miles I felt like I had hit a wall. This is where I want to stop looking at the numbers and stare at them all at the same time. Yeah, you can't do both. I chug some water and wonder if I can pour it down my top without making a mess. I'm slowly losing my mind as I hang onto the handrail and feel like I am cheating, but my feet are moving so I know I'm not.

 By now I know approximately how long it takes me for each of those tenths of a mile. I start counting the steps and the seconds in my head. Ten minutes to go....nine minutes to go. Slowed down a little and it seemed like twelve minutes to go. My mind started playing it's games with me. "slow down, you will still have a good time".

 I slowed down.

 I sped back up.

 Oh man.. I thought I was going to puke.

 Oh my gosh..  I can't do it.

 I think I started chanting. "I'm going to puke...I'm going to puke" Probably not the best mantra; I'll have to work on that.

 Three minutes to go... oh my head hurt. So close to the end when I realize that darn last tenth I would have to do. The longest minute for me. What is up with that? Can't we just have 3 mile races?

  I remembered reading about how so many women have a goal to run a 5k under 30 minutes and to see that within my reach was really hard to believe. I pushed it faster and counted my steps, one two three four, pleading with my little feet to get it done.

 Those little feet with the tightly tied shoelaces came through for me, and I was so happy.

3.1 miles in 29:45
Where was my audience now?

You can see here that I had to pump it up to 7.1 to get it done.

  So yes, on July 27th, exactly 2 months after my 48th birthday (not really sure why I am throwing that out there)  I took my pants off for a run.

When I finished I was a hot mess

shower time

  Thank you Julie for the invitation !!

  Saturday (August 4th) I get to try it all over again for the Sweat your thorns off Virtual run. You can read about it here 3rd-annual-sweat-your-thorns-off

 I will be happy with any time and not pushing for the same results. You can all remind me that I said this.


  1. Oh girl, you did awesome!!! I am so very proud of you. Now that is what I call working your butt off and doing it grandly. AWESOME!!!
    Thank you for joining me and for sharing.
    Blessings my friend. Now go and relax and have a great week!

  2. Wow, a sub-30 5K is a huge milestone, I am still working towards that so way to go!

  3. First, thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving such a nice comment. Second, I am so JEALOUS! But congrats anyway! :) That is just awesome!!!

  4. HOLY BUCKETS!! I wouldve puked!!! Totally barfed all over the treadmill, and then it wouldve spewed all over the wall behind me!! Someday I will do a sub30. But Im still working on a sub 35. Congrats!! Love the recap!!

  5. Thank you for leaving a nice word in my blog. You did a great job! You inspired me. Keep it up.


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