Saturday, June 9, 2012

Do you have a cooking disaster?

Summer Blog Challenge Day 9

--Talk about a cooking disaster.

  I am a good cook, definitely a good cook. 

 My first Thanksgiving dinner I was so upset because they didn't include the giblets with my turkey. Five hours later I realize that they did include them, I just didn't know where to find them. OOPS ! 

 A few weeks ago I made a rotisserie chicken in the oven. Because it was sitting in an inch of grease, (YUCK) I had decided to transfer it into my favorite Rubbermaid cooking dish and I went for a walk. 

 When I returned home there was broken glass all over the floor. Apparently you can cook in the "cookware", but you cannot transfer hot food into it. We were still able to enjoy a lot of the chicken, and now I need a new container. 

Yeah, I'm a good cook. 

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