Sunday, June 3, 2012

So, I'm a shark

Today I do not like the MYTRAK very well. 

Normally I walk about 8 miles and it will turn green. Today I walked  9.5 miles and I was happy to know that I had achieved my daily goal. (at least I thought so) 

When I plugged the MYTRAK into the computer it pops up with some news. 

Because of my previous week (78 miles since Sunday) I  now live an "extreme" lifestyle. It is very cool to have jumped to a new status and be labeled a shark, but MYTRAK has decided that since my last goal has been reached it would just bump me to the next level. 

In order to turn green now I must walk 4.5 MORE miles today. I must burn 960 (active) calories per day. I tried to change the goal, because I was very happy with my previous "active" lifestyle. 

MYTRAK says no, you can only move up, not down. Since I am already at "extreme" level it won't let me go lower. 

Well fiddle dee .. that's just not right. 

Can't I just be a horse again, or maybe a dolphin? 

The MYTRAK Manager is the program required to successfully synchronize your device with your MYTRAK Portal account. They use it on the Biggest Loser. 

You can find information at

 I have said this before, but Kermit says it best. 

"It's not easy being green"


  1. Do you wear this? Is it comfortable?

  2. You wear it on your waistband, just like a pedometer.


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