Friday, May 11, 2012


There is a Virtual run planned for this weekend. 
Anytime between May 12-13. 

Mine is planned for Sunday morning, and I am hoping that we don't have rain.

 I would love to run this on the beach, but it's nice to have the treadmill downstairs as a backup. 

We will see what happens.
You can check out the blog post here.

She has organized everything. 
I am merely passing along the information in case anybody who reads this would be interested. 

Perhaps it will give you a reason to get off your tush this weekend. 

Even though it's called a run, you could still walk it and get some exercise in. 

  Here are some facts from her wonderful page:

Dates: May 12 - May 13, 2012 (in honor of Mother's Day weekend)
Time: Any time
Place: Any place and treadmills are perfectly acceptable
Distance: 5K, 10K, or 1/2 marathon....your choice
Who: Any one....moms, dads, non-parents, kids
Why: Why not? But in all reality, it would be a wonderful running gift for yourself or your active mom. Imagine the joy of running and sweating pink guilt-free. 'nuff said. Oh yeah....and there will be door prizes!

Race results are due by May 15 to be eligible for the door prize drawings. The winners will be announced on her blog on May 16, 2012.

It wouldn't hurt to take a peek at her page, even if you aren't into running, or walking, or crawling, or biking, or getting off your butts this weekend. 

Have a nice day


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  1. Thanks for sharing the information and yes, walking is always okay! I need to remember to include that in future virtual run/walks. :)


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