Tuesday, May 15, 2012


#SweatPink with Me / #Anywhere5k Virtual Run Recap

Can somebody slow things down for me?

I have so much that I want to blog about and time just keeps getting away from me. What I think I need is a personal secretary to walk along side of me during the day to take notes and turn them into blog posts for me.

 I want to write about how there was a virtual run this past weekend and I did it on the treadmill. Actually, there were two that I joined together. I feel that each should have gotten their own run, and maybe I can do that next time. (maybe)

SweatPink virtual 5k - here is how it went. 

Since I worked on Saturday I decided that I would do this run on Sunday. As I programmed it into my phone I could already feel the sand between my toes as I ran it on the beach. Oh, I was so excited at the thought of running to my favorite place and back home again, knowing that it measures 3.1 miles. Doesn't that seem like it was just made to be? Imagine my excitement when I measured it one day and it equaled a 5k. My favorite place in the whole World to go to and it equals a 5k? Say it isn't so?!?!

Sunday morning came and so did the rain. Jack prepared to leave for golf. (Yeah, they still show up and golf in the rain), and he suggested that I get an early start because he would probably be back in an hour. Seriously, he expected me to run before 7 am? (insert laughter here)

  I went down to the beach to take some pictures and to 'test the waters'. Yup, that was rain over yonder. 

Back upstairs I went and changed into my running clothes.  I don't have pink running clothes, but I did take some pink with me.

 The warm up went well and it was time to run. 

The other day I saw this lady put a towel over the front of the treadmill and I thought that would be a great idea to keep me focused on my running and not on the numbers. The bad part is that I didn't know when I hit the one mile mark. Okay, that's not really a bad thing. 

Short and sweet, this is how it went : 

When I moved the towel it showed that I had gone 1.1 miles in 10:55. All of the sudden I had gained a little burst, because that little .1 always seems to bug me at the end of my run. 

Mile number two was done in 10:05 
Mile number three in 9:46
Finished at 30:46. 


  I can't wait until the next one. 




As soon as I get that assistant she is going to help me write about how I have logged 1000+ miles so far this year. Stay tuned. 

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  1. If you find an assistant will you let me know where I can find one? I seem to have 1,000 posts that are written in my head running but never make it to blog world. Thanks for running the Sweat Pink with Me Virtual Run!


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