Saturday, May 12, 2012


Today I have been documenting my day at work.
(Not a typical day)

  I didn't plan on documenting my day, but this morning, as I was making my rounds at the condo I saw this strange man sleeping on the stairs. He had his head tucked under his shirt and it seemed that he had been there for awhile. Some friends said that he had been there all night. Can you say photo op???

As I am going back home to get the camera (up to 4th floor), I realize that there is a car running in the parking lot, and I had noticed it about 15 minutes earlier. Carefully, I walk around the vehicle, peering into the window (from a distance), but they are tinted so dark I can't see anything. There is no parking tag on the windshield, so it doesn't look like a person is a guest here. Could this be a crime scene??? 

I notified our on-site manager and she called the sheriff. To make a long story shorter, there were actually 4 men in that car and they had been sleeping there for hours. Skinny guy couldn't fit, so he went to the stairs. The sheriff is talking with them and he has them open the trunk. On my next trip past I see something tucked into the windshield of the car.

 It is a gun!! 

Apparently the gun was registered and all were clear, because he let them drive away. (boo...I wanted to see cuffs)

It was great excitement and I got paid for an hour worth of work to enjoy it. 

(and now the rest of my day)

I had to clean the grounds, so I continued with my documenting and took pictures of the 20 or so cigarette butts that people leave. They don't just leave them on the ground; they toss them into the red rocks. Perhaps they think that is less tacky, but it takes me more time to dig them out. Thank you people; I love to get paid to use my little grabber and pick up your butts. 

A nice lady was walking to her car and had a box of snickers ice cream bars, so of course I tell her "YUM, THOSE LOOK DELICIOUS!!" She said that they were leaving and had to clear out the freezer, and she offered me those treats.
 Thank you nice lady. 

We all know what a dumpster diver is, and I am not one of those. I am a dumpster grabber. (love my grabber thingy) When I was checking the trash this morning, before all of this excitement happened,  I saw a few items that needed to come home with me. 

Now if only I could get these people to just bring me these items instead of making me look in the trash for them. Hard to believe that they pay me for this. 

There you have it; a day at my job.


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