Friday, April 13, 2012

Embarrassed run

Today I finished my work and headed out to the beach for some alone time. The tourists have thinned out and it felt great to have the beach to myself. I was out there dancing and singing like a fool and then I realized that there was a guy out on a paddle board in the water, close enough for a front row seat. 

Uh, hello dude... (laughing)

I was so embarrassed that I broke into a run to get as far away from him as I could. 

The run felt AMAZING !!! 

 Here is the view that I had when I got there. I only had my cell phone, so it isn't the best quality. This broken wall is not usually up on the beach, so it seems like someone is draining our Ocean.

The shoreline was hard packed and not too slanted for me, which was a huge plus. When I reached the wall I did a little celebration dance and headed back. When I got back home I realized that I had gone 3.9 miles.

 Half expected that guy to be waiting for me when I returned, perhaps for an autograph?

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