Sunday, February 26, 2012

5k on a treadmill

Blogger refused to post my post this morning and when it finally did, it came in a zipped form. 
Let me just say ...   BOO

Now I am worried about spending too much time making a new post and very leery of adding photos, but here goes. 

Super excited about my workout this morning. 
My first virtual 5k was done today with a time of 35:26
 personal records all over the place 

This is the breakdown of the hour I spent on the treadmill today
 mile 1 = 12:01 (including 5 minute warmup) 
 mile 2 = 11:00 (total 23:01) 
 mile 3 = 11:25 (total 34:26) 
 mile 4 = 13:30 (total 47:56)
cool down =12:04 (total 60:00)


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