Sunday, January 30, 2011

Relaxing day at home

 The bad thing about staying up past midnight is that I sleep too late the next day. MJ kisses my cheek and sneaks from the room, closing the door behind. Part of me wishes that he didn't close that door, because I know that I will drift off into dreamland. Don't get me wrong, I do love to sleep, but I always know that later in the day I will want those extra minutes for something else.

 We had our coffee and toast and I settled in to read my emails. I found out that I was a winner in a giveaway last night. 

Naked Fitness: The Proven 28 Day Lifestyle Program for a Slimmer, Fitter, Pain Free Body 

 Doesn't that sound exciting? MJ wasn't real impressed, but he will be 28days after I get the book. (hehe) The other day I had to coach him how to cheer for me. I won a $50 visa  gift card and he just didn't seem as enthusiastic as I had hoped. I have faith in him that he will improve. Perhaps he is waiting for me to win something real big. 

 We had tacos for lunch and ate so much that it has pushed our normal fried chicken dinner until tomorrow, which will push my normal oatmeal night to Tuesday. By the time we get back into our normal routine I will be in Omaha and then everything will be out of control again. Usually I have a job when I get to Omaha, but I don't think I have one anymore. I know from experience that I can't even think about those things now or I will make myself sick.

 Time just flew by today and it was almost dark before I headed out for my walk. It was starting to sprinkle, so I stayed reasonably close to home and managed to get 4200 steps before it got too dark. We settled in to watch TV and I attended a flash giveaway on facebook. I spent a long time today signing up for giveaways, but I must admit that I am proud of myself for only entering things that I would really use. (Except for the stroller, because that was just too cool to pass up a chance on.)

 We had turkey sandwiches for a dinner in lieu of the fried chicken. The other day I bought the Oscar Mayer carved meats that I had a coupon for. I would never pay the $4.50 for it, but it was marked $2 off and I had a $1 coupon. It was once heck of a deal, but i was still a little disappointed to only get 2 1/2 sandwiches out of it. The package said 4 servings, but they have got to be kidding. Then again, maybe this explains why we are both gaining weight.

 I guess that is enough rambling for tonight. Until next time...

(4204 steps  1.34 miles)


This week = 16.30
Previous total = 8.25
I made a few stops along the way.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Happy Saturday

 I woke up at 6:30 and darted out to get a picture of the sunrise, because my cousin Sue told me that she never gets to see it if I stay up late. I think it's cool how I was able to get up right on time, because I had made a mental note last night that I really wanted to do this for her. The funny thing is.. I posted it on Facebook for her and I don't even think she saw it. 

 I thought that MJ would stay in bed, but he was up when I got back home. We settled in to watch some TV shows that he had recorded. At around 10 it was time for him to go to the golf course. It's been Eleven days since he stepped in a hole and pulled a muscle in his leg and he has not left the house since then, other than our date night to see Merle Haggard the other night. Today he went to see the guys and have some beer. 
 It was a gorgeous day here, so I gathered up my things and went out for a nice long walk on the beach. By the time I had returned home I had logged over 17,000 steps. I was super excited about that, but I was also super exhausted. I had forgotten how hard it was to walk in sand. 
 After a short break at home, MJ dropped me off at Winn Dixie. I prefer going to the commissary, but we don't have that shopping on the agenda until next week, and we needed to get a few things. I did as much bargain shopping as I could and got out of there spending $26. I saved $16 and walked out with a coupon for a free flu shot, valued at $23, which would be great if I needed one. 
 The receipt had a coupon for Fudpuckers, so we went there for lunch. I love Fudpuckers, and I enjoy getting my food for free, but we just spent the $16 that I saved at the store. I tried to get MJ to get us water and save $7, since we had beer at home, but he feels that he shouldn't be frugal when they are giving us a free meal. I can only do so much I guess. (smiling)
 At FudPuckers people write on the walls, and every other surface that they can get too. It's pretty neat and I always like to try to find where I have signed in the past. It's not always easy. I snapped this photo while I was taking care of business. 

 After we got home I attended a Durex Houseparty on Facebook. It was a blast. I won a lot of things that I don't need, but I really enjoyed myself. I don't know if I will be passing lubricants and condoms to any of the daughters, or what exactly I will do with them. Perhaps I will pay them forward and offer them up in a giveaway some day. 
 The night just flew by since I spent such a long time at that party online. I played with some of my photos and watched TV with MJ. It's another late night for us. Very soon we will be back to our normal schedule and get to bed at a decent time.

steps walked today 18,016 ...5.6 miles
Happily and completely loved  :)

Friday, January 28, 2011

Quick walking update

 Tonight has been a busy night doing emails and I and going to dedicate the rest of my night to blog reading. I wanted to come and leave a quick post and log my steps for today and yesterday. 
 It was 60+ degrees here today and I was excited to get out for a walk. It was so windy when I got down to the beach. After about 15 minutes I decided that I had had enough of that craziness and I headed  out to the main street. I hardly ever walk on the street; it doesn't make much sense when I can walk on the beach. (smiling)
 I am not a very fast walker, especially since my  mishap with the jellyfish. Today I wore both of my arm splints and they are a constant reminder to me that I have to take it easy. My camera was in hand, and I was scouting the area for anything good to catch my eye. It is interesting to see what people have in their yards. Here are a few examples. 

 It was a beautiful day, but I really wish that I could be out in my normal attire of shorts and a tank top. I am counting down the days for that. Perhaps I should lose just a few pounds so that I am not freaking out when I try those shorts on. 

I did get 7516 steps in today;  2.4 miles. 

Yesterday, even with our outing, I only walked 1834 steps. It's a good thing I have to use the restroom as much as I do or that would have been cut in half.  lol

Mr. Merle Haggard

I am heading out soon for my walk, but I just had to post a few pictures here from last night. We had an amazing night together. Merle Haggard did a great performance and we had wonderful seats.

Here he is walking out after a dramatic pause

I loved the excitement in the place. The woman next to me didn't clap, smile, or anything for most of the night. I wanted to step on her foot, just to get a reaction.
The young man here playing the guitar is Merle's youngest son. 

 There was a short intermission, where I scurried up to get us 2 beers. No drinks allowed at our seats, so it was tricky to wait in line, get the drinks, visit the restroom, and get back in our seats before Merle came on stage. I did manage to snap these pictures.
This one was taken from mirrors on the ceiling (and then flipped). I thought it came out great.

There are so many more pictures that I took. It was hard to choose which to post. Here is another of my favorites.

Thursday, January 27, 2011


I have seen this done and I thought that since we are going to see Merle Haggard tonight, it seemed appropriate to give it a whirl. It was interesting to see what came up in my shuffle.


When you have 1600 songs, there is going to be some variety. Here is the proof.

1. "All My Ex's Live In Texas"  --  George Strait
2.  ''Fences'' -- The Soft Pack (Phoenix Cover)
3.  "I'm Moving On" -- Rascal Flatts
4.  "Amanda" -- Waylon Jennings
5.  "Tequila Sunrise" -- Eagles
6.  "Layla" -- Eric Clapton
7.  "Angel" -- Shaggy
8.  "Do You Love Me?" - Fiddler On The Roof (musical)
9.  "Nightingale" -- Norah Jones
10. "Somebody"  -- Aerosmith
11.  "Run My Way" -- Alison Parson
12.  "Jumpin, Jumpin"  -- Destiny's Child
13.  "I Will Always Love You"  -- Dolly Pardon
14.  "Don't Let It End"  -- Styx
15.  "Put Your Hands Up and Jump"  -- Busta Rhymes & Kris Kross
16.  "Crying in the Chapel" --  Elvis Presley
17.  "Shadows in the Moonlight"  --  Anne Murray
18.  "Lessons Learned"  -- Carrie Underwood
19.  "She Got Me"  -- Bruno Mars
20.  "You've Got a Way"  -- Shania Twain
21.  "Wounded"  -- Little Big Town
22.  "Freak"  -- The Smashing Pumpkins
23.  "In the Summertime"  -- Mungo Jerry
24.  "Life is for the Living"  -- Eric Dodge
25.  "American Woman"  -- Lenny Kravitz

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Another day in my life.

  Tonight I went out to enjoy the sunset and get some steps in. It was a beautiful night here and 56 degrees. I know that many people are dealing with snow. We had enough of that last year in Omaha and have decided that we may as well spend our winters in Florida since we have a place here. I do wish that I could bottle up my family and bring them here with us, but then who would shovel the snow at our place in Omaha?
 Here is what was waiting for me when I headed out tonight. These birds looks mighty hungry.

I walked to the broken barrier wall to wait for the sunset. MJ was sound asleep at home while I frolicked in the sand. Oh, how I miss dipping my naked toes in the sand. One day soon my toes will kiss the coolness and bathe in the water again, even if it chills me. I waited, I watched, and I raised my camera over and over. 

 The bad thing about walking so far to watch the sun is that it starts getting dark before I return home. I scurried back and got one last picture before heading upstairs to start dinner. 

It was a nice walk and brought my steps to 8100.  Three miles today to add to my totals, and still going.  


1.  Will you watch the Super Bowl?  If so who will you root for?

    MJ and I will be watching the Super Bowl from our home. I imagine that we will eat more than we should and empty a few beer bottles. Since we have to pick one of the teams... Go Packers !

2. Is ignorance bliss?

   After thinking this one over I am going with YES. I am not going into details on why I feel this way, because it's just too darn personal for me this week. My answer might change next week.

3.  Which of the seven dwarfs are you?  (and just in case your Disney is a little bit rusty, here they are-Bashful, Doc, Dopey, Grumpy, Happy, Sleepy, and Sneezy)

Not Bashful, but I might seem that way if I am around a lot of people that I have no interest in. Not Doc, but I have been known to play nurse on occasion. I used to be Grumpy, but divorce solved that problem. I would have to say I am part Sneezy (and they are such loud sneezes) and part Sleepy, because we stay up way too late, but mostly, I am just plain HAPPY !

4. When you are riding in the car with another couple how do you organize the seating? 

Men in the front and the women in the back. I will sit behind my man, so that we can touch. (smiling)

5.  What is beauty?

Beauty is anything that softens your heart in some way.

6.  If someone asks you to bring an appetizer or a dessert
to a party in their home, which would you choose? 

I would most likely bring a dessert.

7. What is your crowd pleasing go-to appetizer?   

My home made chicken nuggets. I tried to find the recipe and I didn't have any luck. Here are the basics.

Cut chicken into bite size pieces.
Dip chicken in egg and coat with flour (add salt, pepper, and garlic powder) to your liking) I shake it in a baggy and it works great.
  Fry the chicken in oil. I use my fry daddy for about 4-5 minutes.
  Once this chicken is drained I coat it with a mixture honey and soy sauce. I do about 2 parts honey to 1 part soy sauce. (around 1/4 cups honey) Sorry I don't have exact measurements.
  Bake in 250 oven for 15 minute to let it soak up the flavor.  Very simple and very tasty.

8.  Insert your own random thought here. 

   This is my first Hodgepodge and I hope to participate for many more. Feel free to visit and follow my blog. I am a beginner, but I hope that my occasional ramblings will bring a smile to others.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Nobody told me how hard this would be

  I know that there aren't blogging rules and I don't have to post daily, but for my first week I was really hoping to get a post in every day. Here I have my fingers crossed that it will happen, just for my own sanity. Knowing my  experience with writing, it won't be long until my words are flying over the pages.
 Our days have been so out of whack here at home for weeks. Five weeks ago I slipped on the jellyfish and sprained both wrists. I was stubborn and did not go to the doctor for three weeks, thinking that I could just keep them wrapped with ace bandages. After finally seeing the doctor, I have been sporting a thumb/wrist splint on each arm. It has certainly been a challenge around the house and has prevented me from doing a lot. tonight I am cheating and only wearing one, so that I can type faster. I will pay for that later, when the pain kicks in. 
 A week ago MJ came home from golf with a pulled calf muscle. He normally golfs 4 days a week and he has barely been able to leave his recliner since that day. We are both healing and keep our humor. Thursday we are heading to Panama City to see Merle Haggard. I will wear my splints and MJ plans on using his putter as a cane. I laugh every time I think about it.
 Today I took a very short walk while I went in search of a photo for the 365 project. I was not overly thrilled with my my results and I think it's because my mind was really on getting to Burger King for lunch. That darn lunch added over 700 calories to my intake today and that certainly isn't going to look good on the scale. I thought I made a healthy dinner, using the Garden Delight pasta I got a great deal on and mixing it with turkey chili. for some crazy reason I decided to do a little math and realized that we both ate about 900 calories for dinner, once I combined everything together. Hmmmm...perhaps my eating habits needs to change. There goes another goal to add to the list.
 We spent the rest of the night watching television while fiddled on the laptop. Tomorrow I hope to get out for a nice long walk. 

Today I walked 2649 steps..less than a mile. 
 Here is my picture of the day. 

Monday, January 24, 2011

Day two on my new adventure

This won't be a long post, but I felt that I had to write something, since my blog is so new. I have overdone it with my wrists and my right arm feels like it is on fire. 
 We spent most of our morning watching TV shows that MJ recorded for us. He is home with a pulled muscle in his calf and I know he is going stir crazy. Today I made us a big breakfast, consisting of hash browns, pancakes, and fried eggs. I love my homemade hash browns and can't believe how easy they are. Thank you Waffle House for the idea. 
 It was 56 degrees here at around 4pm and I was determined to go out for a walk. It was a little chillier than I expected, but I met a lady out there and we both forgot about the chill. We talked and walked, and it was over an hour before I returned home. The sun had said good bye and all was quiet on the beach. This lady that I met had a little dog with her that was so darn cute. this is Angel.I tried over and over to get a picture of her, but she was just like all of my nieces and nephews..they never cooperate!
I am thrilled to report that I walked 8240 steps today, which is 2.5 miles for me. It was a great day for me.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

400 Mile Challenge

I made this blog so that I could keep track for the challenge. For the time being it won't be very fancy, but some day you will return here and say "wow, look how she's grown!" (that is my goal)
My first week is now on my tracker, thanks to my new pedometer. I didn't wear it all of the time, but I will be keeping it much closer in the future.
I am three weeks behind on the challenge, but that is fine with me. For nearly five weeks now I have been recovering from two sprained wrists. Would you believe I slipped on a jellyfish, walking on the beach? True story.
Now that I have some incentive, other than my scale (which I believe has been fibbing to be), I will be walking much more.

My total for the first week in the challenge = 8.25 miles