Sunday, July 3, 2011

So, it's Sunday

eeek..ever hit publish before you mean to?)

It is actually Saturday night as I start writing this post. MJ is snoozing in the recliner and I try to stay as quiet as I can, because I know that it is bedtime when he wakes. If I don't write when I have the urge, then days could go by before I get something written. 

Here is my update for the week..miles and photos 

Sunday - I logged  3.78 miles 
I always start out really good on Sunday, because there is a part of me that worries that I won't get my steps in for the week.

I entered giveaways for the first hour and won a ticket to see Cars.When I went down to get the newspaper, it spit my money back at me. Woohoo, a free paper. Yes, I feel a little guilty about keeping the money, but if I didn't get it then the next person would. What's a gal to do? 

Once my chores were done, I headed out for a walk.

Monday - logged 1.24 miles

Went to see Cars2 today and use the ticket that I won from Walmart's facebook page. I was not real eager to see this movie, since I am not a child, don't have a small child, and I didn't see the first Cars movie. After we got our HUGE bucket of popcorn and our HUGE soda (which holds 7 cups), we found the theater that was showing the movie. I joked and said that we could sneak into the other room and watch Mr. Popper's Penguins. Five minutes later we were settled into new seat, watching penguins. Yeah.. we are SO bad. 
Enjoyed the movie and laughed a lot. Every time a person got close MJ would make a joke about how they were going to haul us off. I love him so much and how he makes me smile.

There was a nice BOGO coupon for KFC in Sunday's paper, so we went there for dinner. It wasn't too bad, but I certainly wouldn't pay full price for it.

Tuesday - logged 1.84 miles

Today I only took a short walk and then I enjoyed some sun at the pool

Wednesday - logged 1.46 miles

Today we used a coupon at Wendy's and fell in love with their DT sandwich. People really need to stop sending us coupons. I love a good deal, but the fast food is not fitting into my fitness plan very well. It seems like I am never going to lose these extra 10 pounds. 

We went to the Commissary to do our grocery shopping. I was happy to walk out with a $42 savings. Here is a picture of the best part. All of this was a total of 40 cents. 
Gotta love coupons!!

Thursday - 2.57 miles logged

This morning I found out that I won more items ($75 worth)
(movie tickets, hair stuff, and a kids microscope) Some days a crazy like that and then I can go for days and not win anything. 

Today I went for a walk on the beach and took pictures. The seaweed was so nasty, and my feet sunk up to 8 inches every once in awhile. It was kind of gross and I worried that I might ruin my camera, so I had to move up to the deep sand to walk. 

Ordered my Picabo books today of my little grandson. I made one last year, but gave it to his mom.

Paid $25 for a $100 gift certificate last September. Used $50 of that to get the new book, and received a second one for free. Still have $50 left on gift certificate, so I hope to repeat this process when they have this special again.

Friday - 1.24 miles logged 

Today was a huge mail delivery day for us. Something happened that I thought was very interesting, and odd. 

My name is Ronalee, and when I send my address information for my wins I always cut and paste my information, including my name. The name Rosalee (notice the spelling) was on three packages. They all came from different places, all sent on different days, one hand written, and two printed. What makes this even more interesting to me is that my online name is rosealee, and I actually do get mail in that name occasionally. Notice though that it has an E in the name, and there is no way that I gave out that name. Just found that so kooky, that I had to share. 

Here was the mail  received today.

Today we went to Walmart to find some Blue-Emu for MJ. He has golfer's thumb (my term for it) and a friend suggested it. Of course I suggested the FREE Ben-gay that I received, but that didn't fly. (laughing)
While we were there I saw that they have the blood bank drive, so I donated blood for the first time in my life. I can't believe that I had not done this before. They gave me a $5 gift card for Walmart, but that wasn't why I did it. 

We had a date with MJ's daughter at Outback. It was a post Father's Day dinner for him/birthday for her. No details, but it wasn't quite the cheery visit that it usually is. Hopefully we can remedy that the next time. 

SIDE NOTE... We ate out WAY too much this week !!!

Saturday - walked 8.33 miles + 15 minutes swimming

I went out early, but not as early as the fishermen.

I must have gotten too close to a nesting area, because I got attacked by a sandpiper
View it here for a good laugh.

I went home to cool off, and then I walked again
Took a quick swim to cool off and walked again  for 3 miles
The heat index today was 106
 I found a sand pail and shovel that made a nice photo prop. 

and one more quick walk at sunset 

All time record on my pedometer reading.
(25,500 steps)

Total for the week 22.35 miles 
(including workout times converted to miles)

472.5 miles since I started the challenge

To meet my new challenge (thank you MJ) I will need to log an average of 34 miles per week. This is twice what I normally do, but definitely within my reach. 

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