Saturday, July 2, 2011

Not so cool

I have been reading blog after blog and decided that it was time to ramble something here. What the heck am I going to write about now that I am here? We will find out together as I put my fingers to the keyboard.

My toes were tapping away to a wonderful artist, named Anna Johnson, that I found through 
 but as soon as I started to write this post the music stopped playing. Silly me, I forgot that it would open a new window. 

ReverbNation is a place for artists to promote themselves and hopefully be discovered. There is a better description  on the page, but I didn't feel like doing the whole copy and paste thing. You can go to the page and search for certain genre. You can search for local groups in your area . You can search for Anne Johnson and listen to what I was listening to, or find the widget at the bottom on the right. 

I can't tell you where exactly,  because the wheel is spinning and spinning. NOT SO COOL 

It is tourist season here and they always screw up our Internet connection. About the same time every night, everything slows down. We have been told in the past that it is because the tourists bring in their own modems and it screws up our system. All the people have to do is go to the office and get a modem from them and hook it up, but people don't want to do that.  NOT SO COOL 

Here is something else that is NOT SO COOL, and it's my blog, so I am going to vent. 
First I must say...I LOVE GIVEAWAYS and a huge kudos to those that do them on their pages. I am nowhere near ready to be doing that yet. A month ago I came across this awesome cooking blog and she was having a giveaway to celebrate making it to 100 followers on her blog. (congrats to her for that) She posted about this awesome slow cooker that she was going to send and mentioned how it was her own thing and not a sponsored giveaway. Well, I won that giveaway.WOOHOO It is a very awesome crockpot with a griddle on the bottom of it. I sent her my info and she said she would sent it out ASAP. I waited one week. I waited two weeks. I waited three weeks and emailed her. I know all about giveaway wins and that it can take 6 weeks to get your prize, but this gal said she was sending it, so I figured it shouldn't take too long to get here. I didn't get an email back, so I shared my frustration disappointment with MJ. He suggested that I don't just let it slide. The woman promised me something and she should follow through. Today I emailed her again and she emailed me back a few hours later (YAY) she told me that the first one that she sent got lost in the mail and she would have to get another one and send it to me. HMMM Really? I don't want to say that I don't believe her, but I don't really believe her. If she knew that it was lost in the mail why didn't she contact me and say " won't believe this, but it got lost in the mail" Anyhow, I will wait and keep my fingers crossed. It is a VERY VERY cool  prize and I really want it. 

Back in December I won a limited edition holiday bottle from Mrs Buttersworth. I never got that and the blog that held that giveaway never acknowledged my emails or comments that I left them.    NOT SO COOL 
I have given up on the syrup bottle, but I really don't want to give up hope on the crock pot. 

Let me see .. what else?

Every time I join a fitness group online it goes belly up...  BOO
I am not going to say NOT SO COOL, because I totally understand that people have busy lives.
What a big fat bummer though that we are half way through the year and fizzle foo, it's gone. I am sure that others will continue to move right along, but I doubt that we will all be connected anymore. The connection seems to be gone in the group within the first few weeks that I joined.I already finished my 400 miles and that was the challenge, right? 

Maybe I will start my own fitness group. Can you hear my head spinning?

Heck, I probably need someone to join me to make it a group.  HMMMM

I don't think I have a following (yet) 

Well darn.. I was really onto something too. 

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