Thursday, July 28, 2011


  I love to enter giveaways, but I love winning even more. Over the past few days I have made a list of what I have won this year. They range from a value of $3 (for a coupon to get a bottle of coffee-Mate), up to a $200 gift certificate at Sports Authority (which was used to purchase over $300 in merchandise)
  My list contains 110 items as of today's date. There have been 208 days in the calendar year, so that means I average one win every two days. WOW..I had no idea it was that much. 

Doesn't that make you want to get right out there and enter a few giveaways?

  I am not giving away which web sites I enter from; sorry.. that would be like telling you what horses I am betting on, and why would I want you to enter if I want to win??  (I will be sharing very soon, in a review)
  Here is an awesome link. You can find many giveaways here. Search for a particular item, ending dates, only blog entries, only one entry giveaways, and so much more.

How do I win giveaways?

Here are some of the steps I follow, in no particular order.

#1  If I find a site that I like I will check their giveaway list and enter everything that I am interested in before moving on to another blog.

#2  PARTNERS -  There are some blogs that partner together and do the same giveaway. If you have done all of the requirements on one blog it becomes very easy to put in entries on the second blog. This gives you twice the chances to win. Keep in mind that they will alter the entries a little, so you will still have to be sure and read all of the directions.

#3 GOOGLE SEARCH AKA SWAGBUCK SEARCH - Find a giveaway that you absolutely love? Do a google search for "such and such giveaway" and you can find other giveaways for the same item. I went on a crazy rampage once and entered every Swimspot giveaway that I could, and I have won $150 worth of merchandise from them.

#4 UTILIZE ALL OPTIONS - There are entries for everything. Join Facebook, Twitter, Stumble, Google, Google +, and start a blog. You can get extra entries for all of these. There are others, but these are just off the top of my head.

#5 BONUS ENTRIES - Some blogs have hidden bonus entries and will have a link for it in the directions. These can get you multiple added entries.

#6 TWEET TWEET TWEET TWEET - A lot of giveaways allow you to do daily entries and the most common one is Daily tweets. Some even allow 3-4 tweets per day as long as you spread them out. If a contest runs for 14 days you can rack up a lot of bonus entries this way.

#7 VOTE for them. If you vote for a blog on one of the voting pages, that vote will count for every giveaway that you enter on that page, for that day.

#8 RAFFLECOPTER - Blogs are now using rafflecopter. These make entries as easy as a quick click and giving your email address, google name, twitter name, etc. Very easy, especially if you have already "liked" and "followed" these blogs and sponsors.

#9 TWITTER PARTIES - I love twitter parties. They usually last an hour, but some last for two hours. You can use TweetGrid to keep track of what is going on during the chat. Nearly every party offers a list of prizes for sending your RSVP and participating in the chat. A lot of these still have comments that you do ahead of time, and they pick  the winners randomly. I enjoy these because there is interaction with people and I always get great information from others. I win at nearly half of the twitter parties that I attend, and I find some great people to follow. It is also a good way to get retweeted and build my Klout, which helps me to earn products. 

#10 Make a "cheat sheet" to make your entries go faster. When you get to that entry you just copy and paste the line you need. 

Here is a brief example:

I like you on facebook (FACEBOOK NAME)

email MYNAME{at}aol{dot}com

Following you on Twitter

I follow you via GFC publicly (GFC NAME)

email MYNAME{at}aol{dot}com

daily tweet @TWITTER NAME

email MYNAME{at}aol{dot}com

I subscribe to your blog via email

email MYNAME{at}aol{dot}com

Following you on Networked Blogs (facebook name)

good luck.. let me know if you win something. 
 And now I must go do some daily tweets. 

hint... follow me @RonaleeAKArose


  1. Cool. Thanks for the glimpse into your world! BTW, I love you beach photo's! You are a talented photography.

  2. Thank you Bev, and thanks for stopping by.


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