Sunday, June 5, 2011

I love my routine


400 mile fitness challenge
26.5 miles walking
plus 2 miles swimming
plus 2 hours on Wii Fit Plus = 8 miles
total for the week = 36.5 miles

Total this year = 370 miles 
My goal last week was to do the Biggest Loser workout on the Wii Fit. I did the Wii Fit, but not the Biggest Loser. 
This week I really would love to hit the 400 mark, but I am not going to make it my goal. I would rather get there and be excited instead of not get there and feel that I failed.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

Sadness on Sunday

  I am not sure if I have made this clear in the past, but I love my life ! 

  A wonderful man swept me off of my feet eight years ago, and continues to make every day so special by being in it. He is everything to me and I am such a lucky woman that he stalked me (inside joke) online so many years ago. 
 After people find out that we started out in a long distance relationship they often ask how we met. I find it interesting that I am asked that question so much, especially since we did not meet in a traditional way. When I tell them that we met online they usually assume that it was a dating site, but I don't think I would have ever tried those and I certainly don't think I will ever need to. (right MJ?) We met in an AOL chat room and had a connection from the start. We are proof that you can find love online. 
 I have not only found love online, but I have made many friends from AOL. Sadly, one of my dear friends left this world on Sunday. He will be missed by so many. For over 15 years we laughed together and shared our thoughts. I called him Drk and he called me Rose. I don't think we knew each others real names or shared pictures until about 5 years ago, but it didn't make us any less friends then if we had grown up in the same neighborhood. In some ways, he knew me better than those people that I grew up with. He was an amazing friend to me and to so many others. 

RIP my dear friend; you left us too soon. 
My tears will fade, but my love for you will remain.
Drk Sir 

Memorial Day Monday
While MJ golfed on Monday I took my camera out for a stroll. The beach was crowded, because of the holiday, but I was able to find a few empty seats. These darn chairs are expensive and a lot of them remain empty. It is crazy to see how people will set up their own chairs right in front of these and they even use the shading from the umbrellas. People just crack me up. 

I am not big on crowds, so I wandered off to the other side of the street and ended up with a new friend. There I was, minding my own business (honest, I was) and he just flew right down next to me and posed.
bonus picture

Twice on Tuesday
I went out for a walk Tuesday morning and spent time at my favorite place on the beach. It is a broken barrier wall that I find very peaceful. Apparently I couldn't get enough of it, because I went back later that night. This picture was taken as the sun was setting.

I started talking to a lady on my way back home and ended up blabbing until almost 9. It was so dark when I finally got back to the condo. I won't be doing that again. (oops)


We literally had no food in the house and headed to the commissary today. Total before coupons = $180.80 (yikes) I handed over my pile of coupons and brought our total down to $136
Total savings = $44.80
I was excited at these totals, but I was even more excited later in the week when we went to a local store that offered double coupons, so that we could do some comparison shopping. We already knew that we saved a lot of money at the commissary, but I had no idea that we were saving anywhere from  .30 per item up to even more than $1 on other items. The same purchases at this store would have easily cost us an extra $100, even with the double coupon deal. (which only doubles up to 50 cent coupons anyhow)   cha ching !!
Thursday was not the best day for me. I will not go into details at this time, but I see a post in my future. 
I do not have a great relationship with my mother and our phone call ended Thursday sounding something like this.
"Mom, you say hateful things to me and I refuse to let you bring me down. I love you, but I don't want to talk anymore. Good-bye."
 I wrote her an email, explaining to her that I do not need negative people in my life, and that includes her. I deleted the letter without sending it. She tries to break my spirit, but I have fought too hard in my life to overcome that type of treatment. I didn't accept it from my ex's and I will not accept it from her, even if she is my mother.

 Friday ..  let's be lazy

MJ does not golf on Fridays, so we usually save that day for running errands. I cooked us a nice breakfast and we sat around the house watching TV until after noon. Our first stop of the day was at the Dollar Tree store. I was thrilled to walk out of there with 6 pair of socks, 36 hair scrunchies, 2 shower puffs,  an 8-pack of batteries, a bag of twizzlers (YUM), a dozen eggs, and paprika, all for $8.36

Our next trip was to Food World to check out this great double coupon deal. As I mentioned before, they can't touch the prices that we get at the commissary. We strolled up and down each aisle and tried to use up any coupons that we could. We were able to get our favorite orange juice, 2 bottles of Diet Coke, and 3 Propel waters for a total of $4.15

(sorry cashier that we didn't tell you that you accidentally forgot to ring up one of our Cokes, but we didn't notice until we were halfway home)



See ya next week, if not sooner !!


  1. Great job on your 400 mile challenge. I'm sorry about your friend. Glad you still love the man who stalked you. And beautiful photos! I didn't have a great relationship with my mom either. It's OK. Do your best to be a great daughter, that is all you are responsible for.

  2. Great blog! Came across your blog from one of the blog hops, and looking forward to reading more of your stuff. I am now following... feel free to follow back if you like!!!!
    All the best,

    A Spicy Boy, A Cat, and My Fat Ass

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  4. Love your blog!
    Hiya! Newest follower – found ya via the I ♥ My Online Friends Hop-- please stop by and say hello! Would love if ya followed back!
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  5. Hi Ronalee,
    You are doing awesome on your fitness challenge. I think it is great that you dance on the beach! I really enjoyed your tribute to your dear friend that passed away. You are so right about friendship over the internet. It does not make it any less. You are a beautiful person.


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