Sunday, May 29, 2011

Six months to go

Last week I logged 17 miles, bringing my total miles to 334 miles,  so I am staying very steady on my progress.

   It was a busy week as I closed up the house in Nebraska and headed back to Florida. It was very hard to decide who was going to watch over the house and apparently I have upset people in the process. If only I could just lock the doors, turn my back, and not have to deal with anything until I get back there. It makes me feel sick to my stomach when I think about it, so I guess I won't be posting any more of that right now.
   The beginning of the week was spent working in the yard. It makes me feel so good to see the huge changes that I have made in the yard on this trip. The shed was removed in the back yard and the new sod was laid. Friends and I attacked the other half of the yard and it has cleaned up so nicely. Normally, this is where I would post pictures, but I know that I would get distracted if i start looking though my albums, so you will just have to trust me when I say it looks so different.
   Since I had to fly out early Wednesday morning, I spent the night with my sister on the night before. It was a crazy day as I waited for my helper to get an extra key made for the house, went to visit my parents, and babysat the little guy. It was awesome to spend time with my grandson. He is such a good kid and sure loves his grandma.
   We slept longer than expected on Wednesday morning and I was so close to missing my plane, thanks to getting pushed from one line to another at the last minute. The layovers were a breeze and I hardly had time to do anything other than get to the gate and board the plane. I used birthday money to check both bags and only carried my laptop with me.
   When I reached my last leg of the trip I came very close to getting another free trip for giving up my seat and taking a later flight. It turned out that they didn't need me to do that, so I made it home at the normal time. A free ticket would have been nice, but I was thrilled to be back home with MJ. I can't believe that we were apart for three months. We must be crazy!
   I have spent the last few days getting back into my beach walking. I was so excited to be back that I even went down to take a nap on the beach the first full day I was home. I never just lay on the beach, but I sure did that day. My  birthday was Friday and I had a wonderful day with MJ. He made it a very special day for me.
   Yesterday I was a maniac and walked 6.5 miles on the beach. It is a busy weekend here with a lot of tourists. I have a wee bit of a sun burn and a few aches and pains to show for it.  It is great to be home.

   My goal this week is to hook up the Wii Fit and do the Biggest Loser workout on the days that MJ is golfing. I am carrying a little extra weight right now and it would be great to lose some of that and never find it again. 



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  1. Hi Ronalee,
    I enjoyed hearing about your week. Wow! I think that is awesome you get to live near the beach. I would have taken a nap there, too. I love the feel of sand beneath my toes. Someday I hope to have a summer home somewhere on a beach. Great job on the walking. Congratulations on being less than 100 miles from your goal! I bet you make a lot more than 400 miles this year!


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