Thursday, April 21, 2011

Dear reader

 I have been in a rambling mood for a few days now and I think it is because it is time to plan my trip home to Florida. (squeals in excitement) There isn't always someone to talk to when I am like this, so I figured I may as well write it out here so that I can open up some free space in my head.

 A few days ago I told MJ that I was ready to use my ticket and schedule my trip home. At first, I was going to use my free $300 voucher from my last trip (thank you Delta) and get a round trip ticket. It seemed like a wonderful idea, knowing that I would be back here in October for the birth of my new grand baby. 
 When MJ is not with me and I don't have travel plans, I feel stuck in Omaha. Before even purchasing the ticket I was already feeling "stuck in Omaha" for October. Does that make sense? 
 Thanks to MJ's wonderful plan, I will be heading back to Florida on a one way ticket. We will worry about the next trip when the time comes. Now, I just have to pick a day.

Yesterday and today have been so busy for deliveries. I have been getting freebies that I signed up for, items that I have won in giveaways, and notifications of more to come. When I started on this coupon/freebie/giveaway roller coaster ride, I didn't realize how overwhelming it could become. One of these days I will start writing some reviews on these items to let people know how much I appreciate my wins. It will also be great practice for when I have my own giveaways.

 I won and received a bottle of gummy vitamins with fiber (90), which is ironic, because I am already on a fiber overload from the granola bars that I am eating. Recently I won a child's gummy vitamin and I have to admit I pretty much ate them like candy. Slower than I would have if it were candy, but still faster than I should have for a vitamin. I will do better on these new vitamins. they leave a bit of an aftertaste, so that makes it easier for me to limit myself. 

A corner store by my sister has a ridiculous sale on various items.  We have been getting granola bars for me.


That's a wrap

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