Sunday, February 27, 2011

working my mojo

I am super excited about my last 2 trips to Winn Dixie, and yet I am bummed out because I could have done even better if I had planned. This is pretty darn good for not planning though. 

Yesterday I went for beer. My Michelob was on sale for $10. Love my Michelob !! MJ gave me a $20 bill and, as usual, I went over budget. (I always carry mad money) He didn't complain when he saw what I came home with. 

12 pack of Michelob Ultra on sale = $10 
Chicken was BOGO  total cost = $7.94 for 3.5 lbs. 
 Olay body wash (my luxury item) on clearance =  $3  
(4) Coke  2 liters and  (1) Sprite 2 liter (good coupons)  = $4 for all  
Coke 1.25 liter = FREE
Coffee-Mate = FREE coupon
Dove candy bar = FREE coupon
Kraft Mac N cheese = FREE if you by Coke 2 liter

This trip =  Spent $24.88
Total savings = $27.84
 I got home and I am upset that I only got 1 box of mac N cheese, instead of 5. What was I thinking?
MJ came home today and said that he also needed beer to take golfing, so if I want to go to the store again, I can. (Hands over another $20)

So, here is the mojo I worked today

Beer on sale = $17
(4) Mac N cheese I forgot yesterday = FREE
(2) Gain dryer sheets on sale $2.49, but I had $3 coupons. 
(this is where the fun comes in) Total cost of these = overage $1
So, I get myself another OLAY (luxury item)

Olay on clearance $3. Coupon in paper today for $1, and I get the $1 overage from the GAIN

So, today's Total was $18.44
Savings of $20

The plan is to take back the first Olay and get back $3, but I probably won't


Friday I head to Omaha where I won't have a Commissary, a Publix, or a Winn Dixie.
I will have to work my MOJO at new stores, but I am up for the challenge.

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