Friday, February 11, 2011


It was exciting to wake up this morning and find the words "Congratulations, you are the winner!" in my mailbox. Those are the best emails. (except the ones that come from MJ)
What did I win you ask?
#1 A Fo-Fo Figgly Show DVD! 
(thank you

I think it may be a new craze for children shows. It is for kids 3-6, which is going to be perfect to share with Mr. Handsome when he comes to grandma's house. They do dancing and singing, and teach about healthy eating and exercise. The website is awesome, so I am looking forward to getting this DVD.

=========== ===========

An hour later I open an email and it says...

"Congratulations, you are the winner!" 
Well, yippity dooo, two wins in one day?

#2 Winner of the Idiots Guide to Running 
 Do I run? Nope
Do I plan on running?  Not really.
Maybe I could have skipped this giveaway, but since I won it, I will definitely read this book and I am sure that I will learn something from it. Perhaps it will teach me how to jog safely on the treadmill. You can purchase a copy here.

=========== ===========
I start working on my giveaway entries for today and I pull up the free spin and instant games that I have been playing. SORRY...NOT A WINNER... SORRY..TRY AGAIN TOMORROW
And then I get it...
#3 STOUFFER’S Stuffed Melt and Soup coupon
(Thank you Match ‘Em Up Game on Facebook)

The email said this will come in 6-8 weeks, so MJ will get to enjoy this while I am in Omaha. It sounds like a great little meal. It comes with a stuffed melt and soup (3 choices) You can go here to get information and print a coupon for $1.00

=========== ===========
I closed up the computer and went down to do my time on the treadmill. After I got back home and we had our dinner, there was another email waiting for me with those magic words. 

#4 You won the Dino Train make a match game! 

In the Dinosaur Train “Make A Match” game, Buddy and his friends sharpen children's memory skills. The Dinosaur Train “Make A Match Game” is for 2 to 4 players and is recommended for ages 3 to 6.

=========== ===========
So, that was my big day in wins.

 MJ just smiles and nods. He is still waiting for the big win that he gets to share. I did win a $50 Visa gift card a couple of weeks ago (thank you but we won't see that for months. I will have to do a review on these items after I receive them. I know one little guy who is going to love coming to grandma's house. It is going to be fun sharing these things with him.

And now it's time for bed

until next time...

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