Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Nobody told me how hard this would be

  I know that there aren't blogging rules and I don't have to post daily, but for my first week I was really hoping to get a post in every day. Here I have my fingers crossed that it will happen, just for my own sanity. Knowing my  experience with writing, it won't be long until my words are flying over the pages.
 Our days have been so out of whack here at home for weeks. Five weeks ago I slipped on the jellyfish and sprained both wrists. I was stubborn and did not go to the doctor for three weeks, thinking that I could just keep them wrapped with ace bandages. After finally seeing the doctor, I have been sporting a thumb/wrist splint on each arm. It has certainly been a challenge around the house and has prevented me from doing a lot. tonight I am cheating and only wearing one, so that I can type faster. I will pay for that later, when the pain kicks in. 
 A week ago MJ came home from golf with a pulled calf muscle. He normally golfs 4 days a week and he has barely been able to leave his recliner since that day. We are both healing and keep our humor. Thursday we are heading to Panama City to see Merle Haggard. I will wear my splints and MJ plans on using his putter as a cane. I laugh every time I think about it.
 Today I took a very short walk while I went in search of a photo for the 365 project. I was not overly thrilled with my my results and I think it's because my mind was really on getting to Burger King for lunch. That darn lunch added over 700 calories to my intake today and that certainly isn't going to look good on the scale. I thought I made a healthy dinner, using the Garden Delight pasta I got a great deal on and mixing it with turkey chili. for some crazy reason I decided to do a little math and realized that we both ate about 900 calories for dinner, once I combined everything together. Hmmmm...perhaps my eating habits needs to change. There goes another goal to add to the list.
 We spent the rest of the night watching television while fiddled on the laptop. Tomorrow I hope to get out for a nice long walk. 

Today I walked 2649 steps..less than a mile. 
 Here is my picture of the day. 

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