Friday, January 28, 2011

Mr. Merle Haggard

I am heading out soon for my walk, but I just had to post a few pictures here from last night. We had an amazing night together. Merle Haggard did a great performance and we had wonderful seats.

Here he is walking out after a dramatic pause

I loved the excitement in the place. The woman next to me didn't clap, smile, or anything for most of the night. I wanted to step on her foot, just to get a reaction.
The young man here playing the guitar is Merle's youngest son. 

 There was a short intermission, where I scurried up to get us 2 beers. No drinks allowed at our seats, so it was tricky to wait in line, get the drinks, visit the restroom, and get back in our seats before Merle came on stage. I did manage to snap these pictures.
This one was taken from mirrors on the ceiling (and then flipped). I thought it came out great.

There are so many more pictures that I took. It was hard to choose which to post. Here is another of my favorites.

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