Saturday, January 29, 2011

Happy Saturday

 I woke up at 6:30 and darted out to get a picture of the sunrise, because my cousin Sue told me that she never gets to see it if I stay up late. I think it's cool how I was able to get up right on time, because I had made a mental note last night that I really wanted to do this for her. The funny thing is.. I posted it on Facebook for her and I don't even think she saw it. 

 I thought that MJ would stay in bed, but he was up when I got back home. We settled in to watch some TV shows that he had recorded. At around 10 it was time for him to go to the golf course. It's been Eleven days since he stepped in a hole and pulled a muscle in his leg and he has not left the house since then, other than our date night to see Merle Haggard the other night. Today he went to see the guys and have some beer. 
 It was a gorgeous day here, so I gathered up my things and went out for a nice long walk on the beach. By the time I had returned home I had logged over 17,000 steps. I was super excited about that, but I was also super exhausted. I had forgotten how hard it was to walk in sand. 
 After a short break at home, MJ dropped me off at Winn Dixie. I prefer going to the commissary, but we don't have that shopping on the agenda until next week, and we needed to get a few things. I did as much bargain shopping as I could and got out of there spending $26. I saved $16 and walked out with a coupon for a free flu shot, valued at $23, which would be great if I needed one. 
 The receipt had a coupon for Fudpuckers, so we went there for lunch. I love Fudpuckers, and I enjoy getting my food for free, but we just spent the $16 that I saved at the store. I tried to get MJ to get us water and save $7, since we had beer at home, but he feels that he shouldn't be frugal when they are giving us a free meal. I can only do so much I guess. (smiling)
 At FudPuckers people write on the walls, and every other surface that they can get too. It's pretty neat and I always like to try to find where I have signed in the past. It's not always easy. I snapped this photo while I was taking care of business. 

 After we got home I attended a Durex Houseparty on Facebook. It was a blast. I won a lot of things that I don't need, but I really enjoyed myself. I don't know if I will be passing lubricants and condoms to any of the daughters, or what exactly I will do with them. Perhaps I will pay them forward and offer them up in a giveaway some day. 
 The night just flew by since I spent such a long time at that party online. I played with some of my photos and watched TV with MJ. It's another late night for us. Very soon we will be back to our normal schedule and get to bed at a decent time.

steps walked today 18,016 ...5.6 miles
Happily and completely loved  :)


  1. That is a lot of walking! Congratulations! It is so hard to walk in sand. I always found it great for the bottom of the feet if you walk barefoot. Great for those calluses. That picture is gorgeous! It almost makes me feel like I'm there in person... I have never been to a houseparty on facebook. Not quite sure how that would work. Glad you had fun and won some prizes... I am sure you will find someone to share them with lol...

  2. You just inspired me to join the 400 Mile Fitness Challenge. I don't mind being a BBW but I do mind not being a healthy one. We CAN dot it!!

  3. Thanks for coming by and reading more Denise. I am glad that you felt inspired to join the 400 mile challenge. Don't get discouraged, that is what I have learned. I know I posted that I walked 18,000 yesterday, but there have been says where I don't get 1000.


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