Monday, January 24, 2011

Day two on my new adventure

This won't be a long post, but I felt that I had to write something, since my blog is so new. I have overdone it with my wrists and my right arm feels like it is on fire. 
 We spent most of our morning watching TV shows that MJ recorded for us. He is home with a pulled muscle in his calf and I know he is going stir crazy. Today I made us a big breakfast, consisting of hash browns, pancakes, and fried eggs. I love my homemade hash browns and can't believe how easy they are. Thank you Waffle House for the idea. 
 It was 56 degrees here at around 4pm and I was determined to go out for a walk. It was a little chillier than I expected, but I met a lady out there and we both forgot about the chill. We talked and walked, and it was over an hour before I returned home. The sun had said good bye and all was quiet on the beach. This lady that I met had a little dog with her that was so darn cute. this is Angel.I tried over and over to get a picture of her, but she was just like all of my nieces and nephews..they never cooperate!
I am thrilled to report that I walked 8240 steps today, which is 2.5 miles for me. It was a great day for me.


  1. Welcome to blogging and best of luck with your goals! I'll look for you in the Hodgepodge tomorrow..its a nice friendly group and I'm sure you'll get some visitors. Be sure to link your post at the bottom of mine tomorrow so people can find you. See you there!


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