Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Another day in my life.

  Tonight I went out to enjoy the sunset and get some steps in. It was a beautiful night here and 56 degrees. I know that many people are dealing with snow. We had enough of that last year in Omaha and have decided that we may as well spend our winters in Florida since we have a place here. I do wish that I could bottle up my family and bring them here with us, but then who would shovel the snow at our place in Omaha?
 Here is what was waiting for me when I headed out tonight. These birds looks mighty hungry.

I walked to the broken barrier wall to wait for the sunset. MJ was sound asleep at home while I frolicked in the sand. Oh, how I miss dipping my naked toes in the sand. One day soon my toes will kiss the coolness and bathe in the water again, even if it chills me. I waited, I watched, and I raised my camera over and over. 

 The bad thing about walking so far to watch the sun is that it starts getting dark before I return home. I scurried back and got one last picture before heading upstairs to start dinner. 

It was a nice walk and brought my steps to 8100.  Three miles today to add to my totals, and still going.  


  1. Beautiful pictures!! Last summer, my city hosted a weekend of Christian concerts. They were free to the public and funded by BP because we were one of the areas affected by the oil spill.

    I took a lot of pictures. It was amazing to worship God with other believers with the backdrop of sunset over the ocean.

  2. Thanks for dropping by. I was in Omaha when the oil spill happened and it was very nerve wracking not knowing what was happening here at home.


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